Travelling with your jewellery

Its July and many of us may be thinking of taking a holiday. I thought I'd find a few great ways to take our jewellery with us!

Last month on a short break I only took a small amount of jewellery with me in a new coin purse.

This kept everything safe and secure. I did put the stud earrings into a little grip seal bag to keep them separate. Also because they are so small they won't be lost or dropped in their own packet.

All this got me thinking... what else could you use to take your jewellery with you?? Of course this depends on how long you are going for and how much jewellery you like to have with you.

For a short break like mine you could just wear simple gold or silver  jewellery that will be great with everything, no need to carry more or worry about how to pack it.

For small amount, apart from my coin purse, you could use a jewellery presentation box that sometimes comes with a new piece of jewellery. These boxes generally have 'snap' shut lids that will keep your jewels safe, especially as they are generally have a hard shell and sometimes a pad to attach your necklace or earrings to.

Inexpensive fashion jewellery could just be wrapped carefully in tissue and put in a small make up bag in your suitcase. You may however want to keep more valuable or precious jewellery with you. My jewellery box at home has a small removable carry box inside  for taking larger amounts of items with you.

You could use any soft lined bag or pouch. Look around your home for inexpensive or reusable boxes or containers.

 My main tips are:

1. Keep it as small as your jewellery allows,

2. Hard enough or padded to protect the jewellery within and

3. Always keep precious( to you) jewellery with you as you travel, well concealed (unless you are wearing it.)

For me the packing always adds excitement for the holiday to come.

Finally here is an idea for carrying your earrings, I really like this jewellery book!


Little Book Of Earrings

Next time...Sorting your jewellery box.

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